Intellectual and entertaining quiz, in which at least 6 people participate. We all watched the popular programs "What? Where? When?", "Where is the logic?", "How to become a millionaire." All participants will have to play a similar game, compiled individually for the holiday based on the interests and age of the children.

You will get:

1. Musical tours, where you have to guess the singer, the name of the song, famous compositions from cartoons, etc.
2. Guess what the host hid in the box
3. Guess the voices from the cartoons
4. To guess the cartoon by video
5. Solve the hosts's riddles
6. Secret tour

How the game goes:

1. Children are divided into teams and come up with the names for them
2. The host presents the rules of the game
3. Answer the questions of the host
4. Score count
5. Awarding of prizes

The price includes a TV or a projector, depending on the time of day and location.
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